I think I was born drawing. Fast forward to high school - I was the artist on the newspaper staff and drew pencil portraits of fellow students. My senior year I was voted "Most Talented".I settled in Charleston SC where I met and married a handsome engineer. Then the adventure began! We lived on a remote Pacific island for 2 years and then in Spain for 6 years. I continued to "dabble" in art as I raised a family. My professional art career began in 2001 after returning to Charleston. To make up for lost time, I was on a fast track to study with as many top artists as possible.  I get excited about the way light dances around objects and I look for drama in a subject. My studio is on the serene marshes of the Ashley River. The handsome engineer is still with me and he is still handsome (and handy).

Visit Jennifer's Fine art website here: www.lowcountrystudio.com